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Moving Beyond the Lemon Battery to Teach Electrochemistry

Wednesday, February 8


4:00–4:30 p.m. PST
7:00–7:30 p.m. EST


Get Excited About Electrochemistry

Keep your electrochemistry lesson plans current and move beyond the lemon battery! Join Vernier chemistry expert Nüsret Hisim as he explores electrochemistry through a voltaic cell experiment. You’ll learn how to use simple materials, including string, metal wire, and salt solutions, to create half-cells with your students. This experiment will help students understand the structure of a voltaic cell, electrolytes, and salt bridges. 

Attendees will

  • Identify the cathode and anode, learn the reactions at each, and understand how current passes through the cell.
  • Set up simple voltaic cells and measure the potential of each. This will allow measurement of the potential of voltaic cells, which is a hot topic on the AP Chemistry Exam. 
  • Gain hands-on experience using the Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro app and the Go Direct® Voltage Probe to study the basic principles of electrochemical cells.

Join us to recharge your electrochemistry lessons with Vernier!

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Vernier Graphical Analysis: Help students form critical connections between abstract scientific ideas and the real world. With the Graphical Analysis app, students can visualize and interact with experiment data collected via nearly any Vernier sensor. With Graphical Analysis Pro, you can enrich live instruction while providing more opportunities for students to interact with and analyze data outside of class time.


Go Direct Voltage Probe: The Go Direct Voltage Probe combines a wide input voltage range and high precision, making it an excellent choice for studying the basic principles of electrochemical cells, the resistivity of different metals, and simple circuits.



Nüsret Hisim

Chemistry Educational Technology Specialist


Melissa Hill, PhD

Chemistry Staff Scientist