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Looking for innovative ways to make physics more relatable and engaging for your students?

Join us to learn about the sensors your students can use to investigate Ohm’s law in simple circuits, understand the effects of air resistance on falling coffee filters, or learn about Newton’s third law by connecting the hooks of two force sensors with a rubber band. Vernier Director of Physics and former educator Fran Poodry will cover our five most commonly used physics sensors, answer your top questions, and share teaching strategies you can use in class this year.

What You'll Learn

You will walk away with

Our best practices and most common uses for the Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct® Sensor Carts, Go Direct Motion Detector, Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor, Go Direct Voltage Probe, and Go Direct Current Probe.

Real-world examples of how you can use our software solutions—from Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro to Vernier Video Analysis®—for data collection and analysis in your physics classroom

Our tried-and-true tips and tricks for using this technology to engage students in hands-on learning at the high school and college level.


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Fran Poodry
Director of Physics 


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