Ask Me Anything: pH Sensor Care and Feeding

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

10–10:30 AM (PDT)


Here is Your Chance to Have Our Experts Answer Your Questions About pH Sensors!

As part of our Ask Me Anything series, Dr. Melissa Hill and Nüsret Hisim take a deep dive into pH maintenance and calibration. Whether you are a Logger Pro®, LabQuest®, or Vernier Graphical Analysis user, we’ll answer all your questions about our pH sensors—including the cabled and wireless options. 

We’ll also discuss tips for

  • Calibrating and testing pH sensors
  • Preventing mold growth
  • Cleaning the glass bulb of the pH electrode
  • Storing pH sensors properly

Come to the webinar with your questions or add them to the "Comments" field. 



Melissa Hill, Ph.D.

Chemistry Staff Scientist/Project Manager in Technical Support and Product Development 


Nüs Hisim

Chemistry Educational Technology Specialist