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Titrating Towards Sustainability:

A Green Chemistry Approach to Conductometric Analysis

1:00–1:45 p.m. PDT | 4:00–4:45 p.m. EDT 

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Wondering how to incorporate the 12 principles of green chemistry into your curriculum?

Join Vernier chemistry experts Dr. Melissa Hill and Nüsret Hisim for a practical conductometric titration experiment that showcases these principles. You'll explore how to use Vernier probes and software to investigate the titration of ammonia with vinegar, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional titrations. This unique approach uses conductivity measurements instead of conventional pH indicators, providing a fresh perspective on the titration process.

You Will Learn

How to effectively teach acid-base titration principles and determine the equivalence point through conductivity measurements using the Go Direct® Conductivity Probe

Strategies for instructing students in data collection, graphing, and analysis using Vernier Graphical Analysis® to determine the concentration of a solution based on titration data

Techniques for incorporating the environmental benefits of using safer, household chemicals and promoting sustainable laboratory practices in your chemistry curriculum


Join us to discover our top tips and suggestions to create engaging, environmentally conscious learning experiences that prepare your students to become responsible scientists and problem-solvers.

Attendees who join us live will be entered to win a Go Direct® Conductivity Probe!


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Melissa Hill, PhD
Director of Chemistry


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Nüsret Hisim
Chemistry Educational Technology Specialist

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